Kugel satellite roller screw exploded rollers

Our engineers have a combined experience of over 90 years in ballscrew products and ballscrew services through ball screw applications, design, manufacturing and installation. With this wealth of knowledge we are able to offer an extensive capability for designing and manufacturing affordable, quality new ball screw assemblies. We are able to rapidly manufacture replacement parts in the UK from quality stock shaft with ball nuts manufactured complete with full traceability at our facilities in Derbyshire.

Satellite Roller Screws

Kugel Motion is pleased to announce a new range of custom, high performance satellite roller screw products completely designed and manufactured in the UK by Kugel Motion.

A completely precision ground assembly with precision thread ground shaft, internally thread ground nut with built in pre-loading by axial shift (eliminating the need for spacers) and precision ground rollers, creates the highest precision satellite roller screw without backlash.

Satellite roller screws are able to take higher loads than conventional ball screws, and are an ideal substitution technology for pneumatic, hydraulic and heavy load applications, providing a highly accurate position, with a lower total cost over the life of the unit.

Moving to this technology will lower your maintenance costs, will remove the need for increasing environmental safety measures for hydraulic systems and will reduce the total operating costs for your high load application.

Kugel satellite roller screw exploded  rollers
Kugel satellite roller screw assembly
Kugel satellite roller screw exploded view
Kugel satellite roller screw exploded view on shaft